The way news is delivered has changed in the past ten years. What has not changed is the importance of news in people’s lives and the impact it has upon them. We have developed the NewsPad platform because we understand these two things completely. Press Data’s... We have taken all our great services and inte- grated them into one easy-to-use, intuitive portal that quickly and efficiently meets all your commu- nications needs. Driving this is fantastic design and database technology which works effectively to ensure you access.. At last a PR platform that really supports every- thing you do – not just an automated database that gives you a search tool, but a content rich environment, driven by an experienced and de- dicated team who will ensure you get exactly what you want, every time...
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NewsPad is provided by PressData

At Press Data, we believe our values are what make us unique and ensure we deliver the best level of service in the UK market. We recruit and retain highly motivated, dynamic, intelligent and committed individuals who work together as part of the team focusing on the needs of all our customers.

Established in 1991, Press Data remains independently owned and committed to a sustainable business growth model that delivers existing and future benefits to all our customers, colleagues and suppliers, as well as the communities in which we operate. We do not believe that technology provides the only solution, but is part of a package where the people make the real difference.

Across the company you will discover a culture and ethos that is positive and centred on a real commitment to deliver the highest possible customer service at all times. Customers can contact us 24 hours a day to speak to one of our team who will manage their request.

We demonstrate this commitment by our unique UK structure, with all our teams located close to the customers for who we work, in London, Scotland and Wales. This makes a positive difference to the service we deliver. We understand your individual requirements better than any other agency.